Inside a huge park and hidden by an avenue of cedars, we find the Hunting Lodge.

The park that guards it is immense!
There is talk of 900 hectares with a historic forest that was part of the hunting territory of the Duchy of the area.

But let’s talk about the history of the Hunting Lodge.

The Hunting Lodge has ancient origins and dates back to 1775, when it was built by the Duchess M. A. B. as a hunting lodge.
The construction was finished in 1789, but it was not yet as majestic as it is today.
The Duchess spent long periods of time in this opulent estate, and her two children obviously moved with her, but also her entire court.

In 1819 it was bought by another Duchess of the area to make it her summer residence, and the Hunting Lodge was renovated in a neoclassical style.
A long colonnade was also added with a building with a clock and a tower in the center, where the court theater was located (just so as not to miss anything).

The years passed and so did the owners, until 1870, when the Hunting Lodge became the property of the ING. G.
In 1881, after his death it was bought by those who are today the current owners: the C. di Lucedio princes.

The villa is beautiful.

From the outside, the main entrance welcomes us with a mammoth three-storey facade with lots of windows.
The main entrance consists of three large doors under a portico with columns that support the main balcony.

But if it is fascinating from the outside, inside the Hunting Lodge it is great.
In each room you can breathe the luxury and splendor of time.
In the kitchen there are ovens and cupboards, and in the wardrobes the clothes and personal items of those who lived there.

But the real surprise is the church that is located in front of the villa, fully furnished and frescoed, so beautiful and preserved that it almost seems in use.

Unfortunately, however, the Hunting Lodge is currently in a state of neglect, also thanks to two terrible earthquakes that hit the region, which did not allow the owners to save it despite the huge resources spent.


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25 August 2022


25 August 2022


25 August 2022