Among lush green hills, surrounded by small villages and hazelnut groves we find the Small Castle.

The history of the castle is an ancient and eventful one.
Just as the history of his country is linked to his Small Castle.

We are around 1300, and in Italy the war between Guelphs and Ghibellines was raging.
During the civil strife, the Small Castle was an anti-Guelph stronghold.

In fact, at the beginning this fortified castle with a watchtower had a defensive function against invaders.
Its size originally had nothing to do with the current ones, it was in fact much smaller.
A bloody battle in 1312 led to its complete destruction.

But like the phoenix, a few years later, it will always be rebuilt as a fortress, above its ruins.

In fact, the old moat is visible, even if only partially.

But the years pass, and since its defensive function has failed, the various owners have enlarged it and gradually transformed it into a luxury residence.

The largest and most luxurious interventions were made by the P. family between 1600 and 1700.
Thus it became the home that we can see today, with its 30 meters high tower and a 300mq park.

In the mid-1900s it was abandoned to its fate.
It was emptied of everything that could be sold and of value.
Since then he has been lying abandoned on top of his hill, intent on watching the world change around him.

Its interior is magnificent.
Frescoes, decorations and coats of arms drawn on the walls take us back in time.
The colors of the walls remained bright, as if they were waiting for someone.
It truly retains the structure and charm expected of a castle.

Wandering through the various rooms we also found stairs that go down into the basement with a metal gate.
Letting ourselves be carried away by the imagination, we might think that they were used as cells for criminals, but the truth is that it was probably a cellar for storing wine (excellent in that area).

The good news, however, is that the Small Castle will be reborn even more beautiful and luxurious.
Thanks to a real estate crowdfunding project, it will be renovated and become a luxury hotel.
The idea is to create 22 super-luxury suites, a spa, and a restaurant, while maintaining much of the original castle.
I have no idea when it will cost a room at the Small Castle, but if you are in the area even if it is no longer abandoned, I think it is worth a visit anyway.

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25 August 2022