Among gentle and green hills is the Grand Hotel Abetina, a majestic abandoned hotel.

But the Grand Hotel Abetina is not alone.

On an area of ​​13,000 square meters it occupies only 3,000, while the other 10,000 host an abandoned colony known as the Colony of Tutus.

If you are interested you can find the photos of the Colony of Tutus at this link.

The history of the colony and the Grand Hotel Abetina are closely linked.
The Colony of Tutus in fact was inaugurated in the mid-70s, as a holiday center for the children of the employees of the postal administration, and was a great success, it was thought (at the beginning of the 80s) to also build the Grand Hotel Abetina for allow parents to stay close to their children.

Both structures were short-lived, and the more unfortunate Grand Hotel Abetina closed for bankruptcy in 1992, soon followed by the colony in 1997.

The fate of the hotel was clear. There have been attempts to sell or redevelop, as often happens in Italy, none were successful.

The Grand Hotel Abetina behind its huge and grey abandoned concrete walls still hides part of its original 80s furniture.

Inside, in fact, it is possible to find in the large hall, again the reception with a wooden counter, and a sitting room with dark green armchairs.

In the rooms, there are still beds complete with mattresses, bedside tables and mirrors completely intact.

But the most fascinating thing about the Grand Hotel Abetina are the two huge main stairs that lead from the hall to the bedroom floors. They are two huge spiral staircases that must have been covered with dark green carpet, but which now show all the signs of the long years of neglect and the bad weather that hit them.


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