Moglia house is a work of inestimable value.
As almost always, this huge villa is located on a hill.
It stands majestically against the blue sky and is almost completely covered in vegetation.
The house alone has an area of ​​6,138 square meters, while the centuries-old park that surrounds it is 30,000 square meters large.

Moglia house was built around 1600, by the well-known noble family T.
It was born as a factory, but in 1725, it was transformed into a real home of the same family.
Around 1800, the rich Count F. bought the house as a whim, but gave it shortly afterwards to one of his subordinates.
This, not being able to manage the property, sold all the salable, to make money.
In the mid-1900s Moglia house was renovated by the Salesians, who made it a center for novices.
But even they didn’t take long to leave it, and the structure was slowly enveloped in vegetation.

The whole villa is in a state of decay, defaced and sacked of everything.
But inside we can still find a frescoed church with an altar, and a theater still with armchairs.
The main staircase is a majestic work of marble, and in many rooms frescoed ceilings and Japanese themed paintings are still visible.

Moglia house hides real mysteries.
In addition to attracting researchers from the paranormal world, it is one of the favorite places of the “Satanists” of the area and beyond, dedicated to occult masses and rites in its church.
But besides the folklore, a real crime was committed in this villa.
A couple researching paranormal phenomena, in 2019, intent on some research inside the villa, found human bones inside a hole in the floor in a cellar.
The excavation seemed to be covered badly and hastily, as if someone had left halfway through the work of concealing a corpse.
The competent authorities have been called to carry out all the research, and to clarify the case.

I have not found the exact year of abandonment, but there are references that indicate 1970.
Now Moglia house lies alone, in the middle of the hills, waiting for someone to restore it to its former glory.


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25 August 2022