At the end of a desolate road surrounded by cypresses is the haunted villa of P.

This time we are in my beloved Tuscany, and among the rolling hills wrapped in surreal silence, we approach our villa.

As often happens we find the haunted villa of P. well hidden by a dense forest.
And like so many other villas, this one also appears to be very old in construction.
In fact, it dates back to the late 1800s or early 1900s.
Its history, however, was very important to the people of the area.

In the early 1900s, a wealthy family of Florentine origin joined the project of Prince P.G.C. , with the aim of creating a new “boraciferous company” in that area.

For those wondering … the boric acid industry consists in extracting boric acid from the dandelions found in nature to produce electricity.

Thus was born the construction project of the haunted villa of P.

A villa different from all the others and with an innovative “Liberty” style, which then became very fashionable in the new bourgeoisie.

Rich in marble and decorations, it soon became famous and admired.

Over the years, the haunted villa of P. saw several wealthy owners pass within its walls, and was then transformed into a villa – farm, always very elegant.

This new destination gave work to many people in the area, and the elderly still remember with joy the parties organized on the farmyard by the owners.

But why is there talk of ghosts and witches?

Its legend has only increased thanks to Urbex and Youtubers who tell its oddities.

Traces of blood on the stairs, shadows that move, colored eyes that appear when you look inside, voices and much more are the order of the day for fans of the paranormal.

An original bed from the early 1900s on the second floor in the center of the room and various nooses hanging in some rooms make everything more suggestive.

But personally I believe that the legend arises from a sad news story.
Towards the end of the Second World War, a woman, owner of the building at the time, lost her life by hanging herself from a beam in the attic.

The thing was filed as suicide, but many tragic hypotheses were made about the reasons, even if, given the advanced age of the woman, it would have been impossible for some to make such an extreme gesture.

Legend or not, the haunted villa of P. retains a particular charm for me.

Its silence makes it discreet, and it is not difficult to imagine its frescoes and its beauty now marred by the vandals, who have taken away everything, including the original marble floors.

If you love abandoned villas at this link you can see my explorations.



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