In the middle of the mountains, among colorful woods, we find the Tci Alpine Village abandoned for many years.

A colony created for the summer stay of children.

Those were difficult times when they built this colony.
The war had just ended and the reconstruction of the country was starting again.

The Tci Alpine Village, as the name implies, was born from an idea of ​​the Italian Touring Club.
In 1919 they thought of creating a place to welcome all children, even the poorest or orphaned by the war.

In fact, the Touring Club was no stranger to these social initiatives.
During the war they had collected money to send supplies and comfort items to our soldiers at the front, and since they had about 74,000 lire (a fortune at the time) left over, they were destined for the Tci Alpine Village.

Fundamental to the project was a wealthy industrialist from northern Italy who donated an entire mountain
(32,000 square meters) owned by him in order to build the colony.

Work began immediately and in just 3 years they built most of the buildings present.

1921 is the year of the inauguration of the Tci Alpine Village.

Initially, the structures were simple: a beautiful gate with an arch welcomed the little guests, a small square with a fountain, a wooden hut used as a storage area for wood, and three small villas to accommodate children.

But already in 1922, the Tci Alpine Village was enriched with new structures, electric light, a cinema, a laundry and a church arrived.

Being also a hydrotherapy colony with a small hospital, over time, it remained open even in winter, and then played an important role in the fascist anti-tubercular campaign.

But in more recent times, holidays were no longer a privilege, but the norm.

In 1986 the Tci Alpine Village closed its doors, and since then it has remained silently abandoned in its mountains.

Recently it is said that it has been put up for sale for one and a half million euros, in the hope that some investor will be able to convert the spaces into a tourist facility.

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