On the gentle hills, hidden by woods, is the House of mathematician.

The path to get there is difficult! A little traced path full of brambles (many and with giant thorns), which has left its mark on us.

The House of mathematician was built around 1800, probably as a country residence.

Its owner was the famous Italian mathematician and analyst Leonida Tonelli, who moved permanently to the villa during the Second World War.

The story of its owner is amazing.

Originally from Puglia, he moved to Bologna to work as a university teacher.
During his career he won numerous awards and in 1930 he became a lecturer at the University of Pisa, where today the mathematics department bears his name.

But besides being a brilliant mathematician, he took part in the two world wars.
He participated as a volunteer in the First World War with the rank of artillery captain of the territorial militia, earning the Bronze Medal for Military Valor.

And during the Second World War he was one of the 13 signatories of the anti-fascist Manifesto of the philosopher Benedetto Croce .

Inside the villa of the mathematician, he gave rise to the local committee of the C.L.Ns which constituted the partisan formation on the Pisan mountains, fundamental for the liberation of the country by the Germans.

After an illustrious life Leonida Tonelli died in 1946.

Among olive groves and vineyards, on an area of ​​about 20 hectares, the House of mathematician occupies 600 square meters.
The structure is in poor condition and there have been numerous collapses on the upper floors that prevent access.

Inside we still find the original furniture.
But what is impressive is the amount of hand-painted portraits and paintings scattered throughout each room.
These are only surpassed by an equally huge number of art magazines dating back to the early 1900s.

In one of the smaller rooms, probably a study, we still find Leonida Tonelli‘s manuscripts, with many mathematical formulas and notes.

We know that the House of mathematician was abandoned around 1990 by his daughter who lived there for a few years.
There is not much information on the Tonelli family, but it seems that she was the creator of the paintings and the true lover of art.

Today this abandoned villa is falling apart eaten by the vegetation.
It is sad to know the objects inside will be destroyed by time and forgotten.

Today what remains of the house is on sale for 1 million euros, but I doubt anyone will buy it and preserve its history and beauty.

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25 August 2022


25 August 2022


25 August 2022