Peacock House is a beauty on the edge of the village, next to a commercial area, but protected by its garden and tall plants.
A survivor of her time, abandoned and almost forgotten.

Peacock House has very ancient origins.
Inside there are roof beams that bear the date of 1557, while a stone of the floor that of 1559.
These are the origins of the house, even if today the appearance of the house has been changed.

I could not find a precise date when it was purchased by the current property, but we can think it was the early 1900s.

Peacock House is still owned by the M.
Among the first owners, there is a well-known doctor and public figure of the area named G.M.
Besides being a wealthy landowner, he was also very active in the cultural, economic and social life of the country of residence.

Loved by the family, on the death of G.M, the central hall was painted and adorned with subjects depicting nature and life in the countryside, to honor his memory.

Today Peacock House still preserves almost all of the original furnishings inside, still in good condition at the time of the visit.
The ground floor tells us a story of art.
A wardrobe full of colors for painting, paintings and a piano, make us think of a family who loves fine arts.

But even a little mystery lurks in the attic, where we found human bones and many medical books.

The legend was born that a mad doctor could live inside, but the bones were probably part of an anatomical skeleton, which at the time was composed using human bones.

Even for the date of abandonment of Peacock House, we do not have a certain date.

It is thought to have occurred between the 1980s and 1990s.

In 2012 it was slightly damaged by a strong earthquake.

But even if abandoned, Peacock House is not left alone.
As is not often the case, an heir remains, who even if he no longer lives in this splendid villa, continues with love and dedication to take care of his garden.

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