Located in an unusual and bizarre valley, between a wild and unspoiled nature where there are important remains of ancient civilizations.
Inside, on the lowest floor, it contains precious thermal springs, mentioned by the Greeks as early as 270 BC.
The La Perla hotel was founded in 1828, and was so famous that it was frequented by Dante and Lorenzo dei Medici, known as the Magnificent.

The owners immediately restructured its thermal baths, which with its waters at 37 ° C, were particularly suitable for the treatment of rheumatic and skin diseases.

At the end of the 1800s it had its moment of maximum splendor, especially thanks to the closure in 1887 of a thermal bath that was located near the hotel.

The thermal baths of the La Perla hotel were then closed over the years, due to lack of maintenance and the very high cost of renovations.
But they are still in place.
On the lower floor, there are small rooms with tubs full of water with a characteristic smell.

Thus the restaurant, which could seat up to 250 people, and the hotel with 40 beds remained operational.
It was therefore a suitable place for conferences and to host a good number of people.

Meanwhile, over the years Enel (National Electricity Service) became the owner of the hotel.
The La Perla hotel was the ideal place to host staff and events from the Enel factories that were not far away.

In 2002 it was definitively abandoned.
Left maintenance free for 20 years, with the spa still alive inside.
The humidity has allowed the mold to thrive, and the infiltrations of rain are devastating the original walls and furnishings.
Upon entering we immediately find a living room on our left.
Ancient armchairs and sofas in velvet, still well preserved and with elegant features, take us back to the glory days of the hotel.
Of that spa pride of the area, today only battered buildings and old signs ruined by time remain.

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25 August 2022


25 August 2022


25 August 2022