I haven’t found any information about Doctor House.

I imagined it was the home of a doctor because scattered over the floors we found so many medical records.
But I have no certainty about the real work done by the owners of the villa.

The road to reach it is full of curves and above the top of a hill we see parts of the house.
Completely surrounded by vegetation, it doesn’t look very big from the outside.
But only by entering the garden, reduced to a forest by neglect, do we discover that it is a pretty farmhouse.

The Doctor House is the only part that has somehow survived the passage of time and is still quite well preserved.

The windows may be covered in ivy, but inside the villa the light is all blue-green, which gives it an almost magical appearance.

The walls of the rooms are painted in bright colors such as yellow and pink.

Inside Doctor House, the pieces of furniture that have remained are few but still preserved.

Certainly the bedroom still attracted our attention with the pink window drapes and the matching bed, which reminds us more of the rooms of the princesses than a master bedroom.

Also well preserved is a small sitting room made up of two beige armchairs with a beautiful brick and stone fireplace.

But the impressive thing is the amount of books inside.

Lots of books of all kinds, from novels to technical books.
All thrown in bulk, or stored in some way on desks and tables.

Leafing through some documents, we also found files dedicated to Pietro Negroni, the well-known owner of the homonymous brand of cold cuts in Cremona.

Patient records are also all over the floor. Could the owner really be a doctor with his own practice in the villa?

In any case, among those we have seen, the dates stop at 1995, probably the year in which the villa was abandoned or the owner ceased activity.

Years later the villa still remains on its hill in a state of abandonment.


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