In a town famous for thermal cures we find Hotel Milan in the midst of dense bush and completely abandoned.

Probably built and opened around the late 1800s when spa treatments were in vogue, it was always used as a hotel until 2010 when it was closed and abandoned.

This opulent four-star hotel reached its heyday in the 1980s.
Famous in the area and beyond, it hosted many famous people of the time.

The hotel is not large and its Art Nouveau structure overlooks the main square of the small town.
A little gem with a few intimate rooms and a very fine restaurant.

But today there is only a pale shadow left of its former glory.

Some photos on the web show us its original appearance, and we never expected it to be so finely decorated.

The bizarre thing is that on the web it is still possible to book a room or dinner at its restaurant.

Hotel Milan hides a very special secret.
Detached from the main structure, now shrouded in vegetation, is a small theater: The “Teatrino Vittoria, opened in 1870.
Despite its small size and location in the midst of nature, it has always hosted very famous actors and singers.

Among them the best known is certainly Eleonora Duse.
Called the “Divine,” she was one of the greatest theater actresses of her time and still considered one of the best.

It is said that Duse loved to take refuge in the peace of the small theater to rehearse the shows that would later be staged at La Scala in Milan.

The  Hotel Milan for many years alternated between short openings and long periods of closure, changing ownership frequently.
After the last owner, who kept it open for only 13 months, the hotel was closed.
Abandoned to itself, it leaves nothing to the imagination.
Everything is unkempt, and the only detail that perhaps recalls the refinement of the Hotel Milan is a cupboard still containing neat glasses resting on top of a fine crocheted tablecloth..
The upstairs seemed very dangerous and for that reason we have no photographs….
The Teatrino, on the other hand, is in excellent condition, as are the frescoes and the box.

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