Timmy’s House is a name of absolute fantasy.

It does not refer to the owner or to anyone who lived there, because nothing is really known about this villa.

No history and no documents found within it helped us to understand why it was abandoned.

The only certainty we have is that it is located near a former veterinary clinic, and that from the outside nothing prepared us for the beauty it hides.

From the outside the villa is large, but absolutely anonymous and if I remember correctly the exterior color is a horrible grey.
Doors and windows are wide open, so we enter through the main entrance.

Here we are greeted by a room with completely frescoed walls with scenes reminiscent of the lake.

n the living room there are armchairs and a sofa with floral motifs to match the curtains on the windows.
While a small table is set with cups and teapot ready for the afternoon snack.

The green walls painted in the upper part frame a large chandelier with perfect glass pendants.

Everything is preserved, even the crucifix above the old TV in what must have been the small kitchen.

In the dining room we have a long wooden table with its seats, with a large stove and a beautiful sideboard with a mirror as big as the wall.

On the second floor the bedrooms are tidy, the beds made up with bedspreads, pillows and trunks beside them.

I would have really liked to have had more information about Timmy’s House and to know why it has been left so well preserved.

But on the one hand, perhaps this anonymity will allow him to live a few more years while keeping his secrets as they are.
Without vandals, onlookers or antique dealers who begin long pilgrimages that would lead to its ruin.

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4 April 2024


26 August 2022