Near one of the most beautiful and famous lakes in Italy is the Tartavalle Hotel.
At the foot of a mountain and surrounded by a large forest, this hotel is immersed in an oasis of silence and tranquility.

The history of the Tartavalle hotel begins in the early 1900s.
In 1839, near the area where the hotel was born, a source of drinking water was discovered, which seemed to have beneficial effects on those who drank it.

The discovery has been attributed to Antonio Fondra.
Further studies carried out in the following years confirmed that the water was suitable for thermal treatments.

As with other hotels of this type, their fortune is due to the fashion of the Baths.
In fact, people went to these facilities to seek relief and benefit from pathologies such as stones, diseases of the digestive, respiratory systems, etc.

In 1905 they built a spa, while the hotel was built in 1929.

The Tartavalle hotel could accommodate 80 retired people at the price of £ 7 per night, while at the spa you paid £ 1 per bathing operation.

In 1966 it was expanded to accommodate even more guests and provide them with better service.
However, it remains the smallest spa in the area in terms of size.

The hotel closed its doors for good in 2002, and not even a vague attempt to revive it in 2009 was able to save it.

Little remains of the Hotel Tartavalle.
Everything is covered with mold, moss and humidity.
The furniture has been taken away, except for a beautiful billiard table and cabinets which remain alone in a wooden games room.
On the other hand, the decidedly dated kitchen and bar furniture is well preserved.

The rest of the structure is desolate and on the upper floors, where there are the rooms, you can see some attempts at renovation.
Although it is not one of the most beautiful hotels visited, due to its beautiful location and long history it still deserves attention.
In any case, beyond my thoughts, the Tartavalle hotel did not have a happy ending.

In October 2018, an arson attack almost completely destroyed it.
The beautiful billiard table that was on the ground floor where the flames developed is certainly burned.
Now a lifeless black skeleton probably remains in the middle of a pretty wood.

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