Villa of the stylist is a very coveted and well-known place in the urbex world.
We are in the middle of the mountains, and here I was lucky enough to make one of my first explorations.

From the outside the villa does not even seem abandoned, an imposing stone tower stands out from behind the plants and calls us in an irresistible way.

We go up the few steps of the portico with decorated arches and we find ourselves in front of the door.
A beautiful door in colored glass, wood and iron decorations.

The Stylist’s villa, inside is not as big as one might think.

Crossing the threshold there is a small corridor, with a cloth hanger for the jackets and three.
A sitting room with a cupboard full of “beautiful” glasses and a table with many photos and newspapers on it.

In the other room we find the dining room, with a bright red brick fireplace in stark contrast to the white of the wall, and an armchair next to it.

In the center, a set round table and chairs with flowers somehow remind us of Sunday lunch.

And then there is the kitchen, small but fully equipped, with a table in the center.

I was lucky because at the time of the visit, the villa was little known and everything was still quite tidy and stored in drawers.

Going up the stairs on the landing, under a stained glass window like the door, there is an elegant armchair and a vase with reeds.

On the second floor are the bedrooms and a room full of yarns and buttons.

The bathroom has something cheery and surreal about it, with a yellow polka dot curtain and a cabinet with syringes, perfumes, and aftershaves.

Fabrics, mannequins are scattered around and perhaps this is where the villa gets its name from.

Because there is not much information about the owners online.

The sure thing is that they were of French origin and travel lovers.

Inside the villa it is not uncommon to come across ethnic objects and copies of the newspaper “Le Figaro” dating back to 1940.
Carefully guarded there are medical records and postcards.

The villa has been abandoned for about 25 years, but even on this there is no reliable information.

It was probably rented in the summer season, and passed on to the children, who according to an article in a local newspaper live in South America.

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