On the green hills, near the historic center, we find Minetta house.

Even if it is now decadent, this beautiful villa constantly reminds us of its beauty and tenacity.

Outside the house is protected and guarded by 6 hectares of what must have been a park. but now is an uncultivated and wild forest.

The history of this house begins in the second half of the nineteenth century. But the construction has been changed over time with modifications and improvements to both the villa and the garden.

The first owner, Edilio Raggi, was considered the richest man in Italy. With no expense spared, she chose her symbolic colors for the Minetta house: white and pink.
These colors characterize the whole villa.

Edilio Raggi abandoned the villa in 1930, moving his residence to the equally sumptuous Villa Lomellina.

Many prestigious guests have passed through the doors of this house over the years. Among the famous guests we have King Vittorio Emanuele II and Prince Umberto di Savoia on 7 September 1877.

This during the Second World War played a very important role. When the Supreme Command of the Nazi Armed Forces, after the liberation of Rome, formed the armed group of Liguria (composed of both Germans and Italians). Thus he established his headquarters at the villa.

Over the years there were many owners including Americans and a family of circus evacuees, very famous at the time thanks to Giovanni Palmir, also known as the “Red Devil”, who tragically died during a number in 1949.

Only with the subsequent owner, the Spinoglio family, at Minetta house the outdoor park was improved with the construction of saunas, a tennis court and the swimming pool was enlarged.

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