Among the silent Tuscan hills, in an abandoned village, we find Canneto House.
Within the village, there are 11 other buildings.

The village that hosts Canneto House is very old and dates back to the 7th century.
It hosted about 300 inhabitants in its life, and was definitively abandoned between the 80s and 90s.
Until recently the villa was used for parties and ceremonies.

Canneto House is a piece of rare beauty.
It is a manor house, which despite the various transformations, has maintained its regal and imposing aspect.
The villa is on three floors, has a huge park and certainly could not miss a swimming pool.

Inside, we immediately realize how beautiful it could be.
Frescoes, decorations and painted ceilings reveal its original splendor.
In the rooms there are colorful and noble beds, covered with precious fabrics.

Exploring the rooms we also find a well hidden sitting area.
In the sitting room there is a very particular sofa, perhaps intended for more intimate encounters.

On the first floor, a bizarre fireplace with two bookcases, it almost looks like a surprised face to see us.

Inside Canneto House, in addition to the furniture, we find many magazines, also in English, dedicated to the world of horse riding and hunting.
And of course, a pool table could not be missing, around which to play, smoke a cigar and drink a good whiskey.

A few years have already passed since this visit, and today it will probably be plundered and vandalized further.
But we prefer to remember it in all its beauty.

For those interested, in 2019 the villa was put up for auction, together with the rest of the village for 655 thousand euros, but I have not found any news regarding a possible buyer.

Perhaps its beauty is destined to age silently, among the beautiful and beloved Tuscan hills.


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25 August 2022


25 August 2022


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