Our Thermal Hotel is located in one of the most famous Italian areas for this type of treatment.
We have rarely found such well-preserved and beautiful structures.

The official definition of thermalism in Italy is still that given by a Royal Decree of 28 September 1919, which defines the activities carried out in spas that use hot or cold mineral waters recommended for their properties.

The history of this Thermal Hotel began in 1920, surrounded by a splendid age-old park of 40 thousand square meters.

Initially it was used as an establishment for the clients of a social insurance institution, and once the works were completed, it was inaugurated in 1932.

In 1941 it becomes like many structures of that kind a military hospital.

It becomes a full-fledged Thermal Hotel after the war.

The Thermal Hotel has 4 main bodies of considerable size, all connected to each other, with a garden inside.

It could comfortably accommodate up to 650 people thanks to its 169 rooms, 372 beds and 228 bathrooms.

The most beautiful part of the hotel are the huge halls decorated with light marble columns and huge windows.

Inside it also housed a spa for treatments.

Reading the reviews, it turns out that the restaurant offered typical dishes of the area and an excellent selection of wines.

The thing that surprised us, however, was to find medical studies inside, still equipped and well preserved.

The years pass, and in Italy thermalism goes out of fashion.
Our grandmothers often went to spas to treat diseases common at the time, as well as in sanatoriums, but gradually there was a progressive abandonment of this practice.

But over time, this Thermal Hotel also closed its doors, like many others in its area.
Unable to overcome this crisis, he closed his door in 2007.

But we also have a happy ending for this majestic hotel.
In 2021 it was redeveloped, at least in part, and today it houses in its kitchens a pastry shop of a hotel school in the area.

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